Rwenzori Mountains (2014)

I’m just starting to re-up content from my old photo-blog (in no particular order): mostly travel photography from 2005 onward. Enjoy!

January 2014: Mountains of the Moon(walking): The Rwenzori Mountains of western Uganda are a sight to behold – if the cloud breaks long enough to see beyond the end of one’s arm. Our expedition to the fabled (and sort of actual) source of the Nile took 10 days in Wellies and crampons, a lot of hard trekking, and a litre of decent scotch. It brought us up through terraced farmland, bamboo forest, primeval groves of giant moss, giant heather, giant lobelia (giant everything), afro-alpine moorland, equatorial glaciers, snowy peaks, and enough bog to drown a giraffe.  The clouds broke frequently, the view emerged, and rock prongs (most notably McConnell’s) were resplendent on the horizon…

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